Legislation and Regulations:

The Board’s jurisdiction is derived from several statutes. The primary authority for the Board is set out in the Yukon Surface Rights Board Act (Canada) (the “Act”) which came into force on February 14, 1995. The Act was drafted to reflect the principles established in Chapter 8 of the Council for Yukon Indians (now the Council of Yukon First Nations – “CYFN”) Umbrella Final Agreement (the “UFA”). The UFA is an agreement between the Government of Canada, CYFN, and the Government of Yukon which established the framework for comprehensive land claim agreements in Yukon with Yukon First Nations. Additional responsibilities of the Board are set out in other laws and agreements including the Quartz Mining Act (Yukon), the Placer Mining Act (Yukon), the Expropriation Act (Canada), the Radiocommunications Act (Canada), and individual Yukon First Nation Final Agreements.

The Board's process is guided by the Rules of Procedure and the Yukon Surface Rights Board Act; neither should be referenced in isolation of the other. The Guide to Making an Application to the Yukon Surface Rights Board has helpful hints on completing and filing an application.



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